Robin R. Young, C.F.A.

Mr. Young is the founder and CEO of Robin Young Consulting Group, a firm specializing in evaluating and conducting market and technology research for orthopedic technologies and companies, and RRY Publications LLC. After a successful 25 year career on Wall Street (Stephens Inc., Piper, Jaffrey & Co., John G. Kinnard and Company, Inc.), he formed RRY Publications LLC in order to communicate with the broader medical technology community.

Mr. Young is the founder and CEO of Orthopedics This Week, the most widely read publication in the industry, PearlDiver Technologies, Inc., and AFcell Medical Inc., a bio-technology firm pioneering the use of birth tissue allografts in surgery that is poised to become the leader in amniotic membrane-based biomaterial technology.

Mr. Young is the author of numerous published articles, over 1,000 research reports and five published books on various medical technology, biomaterials, and investment topics. Mr. Young has been extensively quoted in many international periodicals including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Barron’s, and Time Magazine.

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