The Conference

The Second International Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference:  Regenerative Medicine – A Fundamental Shift in Science & Culture generated global headlines and stood as one of the most provocative and engaging educational events of 2013.  The point of the conference was simple:  To end the dispute over embryonic stem cell research by articulating the ongoing breakthroughs occurring all over the world with adult stem cells.  Indeed, in the last few years cellular scientists have discovered ways in which to convert adult stem cells, which exist in all of our bodies throughout our lifetime, into ‘embryonic like’ stem cells that carry no ethical conflicts but offer the same therapeutic potential; thus, the argument over embryonic stem cell research should come to an end, a controversy which has diluted capital investment in the regenerative medicine field and has separated students and medical professionals alike, who often struggle to find links between their faith, ethics and the pursuit of new scientific frontiers.

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