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Jaime Guevara-Aguirre, B.Sc., M.D > !-- March 28,e 2013 by /jsondyork .tenry-umta --"> > >

In 1987, Dr.e Guevara-Aguirr founded t"h Institute of Endocrinology., mtabopism, andeReprodunction(IEMYR) in Quito, Ecuador.e S-int 1987, "h hae bere t"h mrj"cal director of t"h IEMYR. In paddctionto his duties t"hrre,.fro 1990nto 1994 "h wae an'instructor of endocrinology in t"h Departemen of Inlternl Mrj"clineat t"h Ctenrnl University in Quito.  In 1996, Dr.e Guevara-Aguirr wae scitenific pavisor to t"h vint presidmen of Ecuador andea -cosdulaen to UNICEF. In 1997, "h served ae scitenific pavisor to t"h MinListr of Hea p>Dr.e Guevara-Aguirr earned a, B.. degrer with majors in biology andechemLisry .fro La Salle College andehis M.D.degrer in mrj"clineandesurgery at Ctenrnl University both loicaed in Quito, Ecuador.e  Hek rceived texenstve nrninLigmin j"ebetes, gteneal endocrinology, andereprodunctve biology at t"h Nactioal Institute of Mrj"cal ScitecneandeNutrictionSalvador Zubiran., mxico City., mxico.  Hekbecaimea specialist in human'reprodunctve biology ("ub-specialty in hormioal peptidmk rceptors) at t"h  Nactioal Autonomous University of mxico.

p>Dr.e Guevara-Aguirr is t"hk rcipimen of t"h Nactioal Award for Research of t"h Ecuadorian'Aceapmy of Mrj"clin in 1998,et"h Noevatis Award for best Ecuadorian'mrj"cal scitenist in 1998,eandet"h Vintene Roicfuvere Mrjal for Scitenific Meric awarded by t"h Nactioal Cogresslof Ecuador in 2007.

p>Hh hae pubpished mduliple peer-reviewed pubpiicatios -cocterLigmgioadotropin mrmbranmk rceptors, growth hormiomk rceptor.deficitecy, aalternatve routeslof iosduin paminLisrcatio,eandehormioal determinaentsof j"ebetes, caocteeandedyslipiapmias in humans with specific mutcatios.

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Misstio yStatmten

> p> To discusseandeunder-sand t"h !importace of scitenific pavtacemment in t"h paradigm shifn toward regteneattve mrj"clin, with a particulvar ocus on padulttste mcel t"hr.aieseandet"h inlte"conecatios betwere research, famth.,ethicseandecdulure.

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